Archery fun is not just for the kids!

When you are in local lockdown and trying to avoid the crowds your options are limited… but we found a bit of quiet in the local woods!

Just a bit on the chilly side!

Never thought I had a vicious side, but it definitely came out when I was imagining all those cancer cells on that target 🙂

Took me a few goes to burst that pink cancer balloon, but I got it in the end!
I’m sure Shaun was cheating!

We played with a family with 2 little kids under 8, which I really enjoyed as how can you not smile when you are having so much fun with their little innocent faces and approach to everything they do.

My first go at archery and I loved it… of course Shaun had to win, even the little kids beat me, but at least I didn’t come last!

Was really good to be with people who didn’t know me and didn’t know my story… I was not Michelle with Cancer, I was the funny lady in the woods who kept missing the target and made some random children laugh…what more can you ask for!

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