We’re on the telly !!!

I got a call from my wedding dress designer asking if they could do a bit of filming when I came in for my dress fitting as they are looking to promote the shop…. yes anything to help and didn’t think about it again.. until I walked in the shop! It was only the BBC!!!

They filmed lots of brides over the week and I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen for their show… The Wedding Dress Shop.

As part of the programme they wanted ‘our story’ and came to the house to chat with Shaun and I…. who knows what the neighbours thought with a film crew and cameras turning up! They even came to the wedding!

They captured our sense of humour perfectly!

A year later and we’re on the telly!!!

We had no idea we had been selected to be on the trailers for the programme until the messages came flooding in…. I thought my Facebook account was gonna pop! Was lovely to have all the messages of support from everyone and to see how excited people were (let’s face it in Covid lockdown, we need something to get excited about!)

Watching brought back so many memories of our amazing day and the people we shared it with…. it was our perfect day! 🙂

My aim was to show people that having Breast Cancer was not something that should stop you from doing anything and it was not something that you should hide away and feel embarrassed about. Some feel strength and comfort from their wigs and scarves, but for me I embraced my baldy and saw it as part of the process to do whatever I needed to fight this horrible disease…. besides those wigs are hot when you’re having chemo flushes!

Even went bald to see Ed Sheeran!

They made sure they got my message across that Cancer wasn’t going to be playing a part in my big day, but it was hard watching and listening to me talking about genetic testing and the chance I may loose my boobs, now knowing that I have tested positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation… but that’s for another blog!

You can watch our episode The Wedding Dress Shop, Series 2: Episode 3: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p08tj6nq via @bbciplayer

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