It’s my 3rd Cancerversary!

I made it!

Three years ago today I sat in that chair and heard the Dr say those words that no one wants to hear…. I’m sorry but it’s cancer!!

I thought my world was going to fall apart and for a little while it did… but 3 years on and I’m still here and still smiling 😀

I’ve met some amazing people through my journey who have become life long friends, sadly I have also lost a few… some who have taken a little bit of my heart with them, but I know they’d be rolling their eyes if I let this day go without a celebration!

Last week also had the all clear for my 3rd mammogram! 🥳

My cancer journey continues with the confirmation that I carry the BRCA2 gene mutation.

Next step for me is a double mastectomy and to continue with hormone therapy with close monitoring.

Whatever else is around the corner I know I’ll face head on with the support of my amazing husband (Shaun) and my friends who have shown me so much kindness and love that I could burst… thank you everyone 🥰

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