Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

Lockdown has turned me into a baker!… and no not bread like the rest of the UK.

This year I was home for both my nieces birthdays and boy did they make sure they got me working!!!

Celyn who was turning 9, gave me strict instructions on how she wanted her cake to look! She wanted a chocolate cake that looked like Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch)… wow I’ve never done a shaped cake before!

Chocolate Stitch cake

Shionedd was turning 10 just 3 weeks later and she’d discovered Pinterest! … I was in trouble!!

She wanted a nightmare before Christmas theme… had to be red velvet… had to be tall… had to have chocolate orange buttercream! This was going to be interesting! We were in local lockdown so couldn’t go anywhere and the hubby loves rolling his sleeves up for making figures…. my saviour 🙂

Think we pulled it off!

Colourful topsy turvey red velvet cake

Also made a few cakes for some friends who were struggling to get celebration cakes due to businesses being closed.

Making these cakes enabled my head to be anywhere other than stuck in my home that had all to easily become my work space too.

It’s not something I’m planning on making a regular thing, but finding something that helped me to escape even only for a few hours really helped with my mental health. Plus the added bonus of seeing their lovely smiles when they got their cake!

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