I don’t even own a pair of walking boots!

Rewind to January 1st. Yes I know I’ve gone backwards but I want to share something that I didn’t feel confident enough to share at the time just in case it didn’t work out and I’d have another ‘fail’ in my rollercoaster life.

Here goes!

I now realise that looking in the mirror I will never see the old me again… and you know what…. I’m fine with that …. in fact I’m more than fine…. I’ve finally realised that the woman now starting back at me is…. stronger…. focused and just a little bit calmer 🤣…. I think I like her!

But my body hasn’t come out of this unscathed and I decided that if my body was going to start falling apart on me… I was going to have to do whatever I can to make me the best me I can be… and that involved getting active, even after a busy day at work and even more so on my bad days!

As if it was fate, up popped an advert on Facebook for Race at your Pace (I’m sure Facebook is stalking me, although I’m not appreciating the adverts for buying your funeral… do they know something I don’t??) where you can choose how many miles per month you would like to achieve, how you would like to achieve it without having to set foot in the dreaded gym!

Let me think 🤔

  1. cycling 🚴‍♀️ … I’m not even sure I can keep myself upright never mind a bike! ✖️
  2. Swimming 🏊‍♀️… not sure I’m ready to squeeze into Lycra just yet! ✖️
  3. Running 🏃‍♀️… since my boobs still ache after a quick jog up the stairs, I don’t think this is for me ✖️
  4. Walking 🚶‍♀️… now you’re talking, I’m sure I can manage that! ✔️

Now to choose the distance… 15 miles, 25 miles, 35 miles … I’m not even gonna go into the rest cos let’s face it we all know it’s gonna be a miracle if I hit 15 miles!

Hovering finger over that submit button and in a split second I’d done it!! 🤦‍♀️. I don’t even own a pair of walking boots 🥾!!! What had I done?

Back in real time to end of January and I’m proud to say that I’ve not only hit my target but I’ve smashed it with a week to spare!

15 miles is 24.14km … stupid tracker only does km 🤯

… and yes I’ve already signed up for February… bring it on … I’ve got this! 💪

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